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This company helps you with non-destructive material characterization

Since 1995, IMCE (based in Belgium) has been developing techniques for non-destructive material characterization. It is their mission to bring the impulse excitation technique to the next level in the business. At all times, these professionals focus on signal analysis algorithms to create a very good signal analysis, even during the roughest circumstances with short signal durations. Together with their professional and devoted co-workers, they improved the errors of standard non-destructive material characterization. This technique can be applicated in a wide range of conditions (atmospheres and temperatures for example) and materials (ceramics and metals for example). IMCE, based in Belgium, has a wide product range available for international companies who want to invest in non-destructive material characterization or other applications and techniques.

The technique behind characterization

You’re probably wondering how non-destructive material characterization works specifically. This technique is based on the tapping of a sample of material with a small projectile. The vibration signal is measured to determine the quality of the material. After analysing the vibration with a microphone for example, the signal is ready to convert from a time domain into a frequency domain. The easy-to-use software of IMCE analyses the other aspects of non-destructive material characterization. It will tell you more about the resonant frequency to determine the elastic properties of the chosen material.

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Get in touch with these professionals and learn more about non-destructive material characterization. The experts can help you, whatever the niche of your industrial business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them when you have any questions about non-destructive material characterization. Simply phone them when you get the chance, fill in the easy-to-use online contact form or send them an e-mail to get started. We guarantee the right advice for you and your industrial company.