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Sustainable engagement rings

Sustainable living is done by paying due attention to various aspects, such as buying low-waste products at the supermarket or saving energy in your home. Even when planning a wedding, you can pay attention to sustainability. And we are not just talking about the wedding clothes and the dishes that will be on the table, but also the engagement ring and wedding rings. Here are some useful tips for couples that want to have a sustainable wedding.

Tips for a sustainable engagement ring.

We list some tips for your search for a sustainable engagement ring:

  • Buy local. Buying sustainably means choosing local merchants. So don’t buy a ring that is produced in Asian countries and is then transported here on a polluting cargo ship, but go for a local goldsmith. That saves a lot of CO2 emissions.
  • Mind the diamonds. Have you heard of blood diamonds? These are gemstones extracted through child labor and slavery. So when buying an engagement ring with diamonds, always ask about the origin of these stones.
  • Reusing old gold. Perhaps you still have a few pieces of gold jewelry in your closet that you inherited from your grandparents, for example. Then choose a sustainable approach and have this old jewelry remelted into a new gold engagement ring.
  • Consider the packaging. Are you going to buy an engagement ring? Then spend attention to the packaging. Avoid disposable bags and other packaging that is difficult to recycle.
  • Charities. Some jewelers have collaborations with charities that protect nature, for example. They deposit a small percentage of each purchase to this charity. This is another way to improve the sustainability of your wedding.