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Solids Solutions Delft: Expert in powder technology and materials characterisation

Solids Solutions Delft is a leading company specialising in solids characterisation and analysis, with a particular focus on powders and their properties. The company offers advanced testing and measurement services for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and materials. With years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, Solids Solutions plays a crucial role in optimising production processes and product quality.

Innovative measuring solutions for powders

At Solids Solutions Delft, the focus is on delivering accurate and reliable measurement results. One of the core tools used by the company is the powder measuring device, also known as the powder tester. This device is essential for measuring and analysing the physical properties of powders, such as particle size, particle shape, flow properties and density. Using advanced technologies, the powder tester can measure a wide range of parameters crucial to the quality and processability of powders. These detailed analyses help companies improve their manufacturing processes, develop new products and ensure consistency in their final products.

Properties of powders: an in-depth analysis

Powders are complex and their properties can vary greatly depending on composition and processing methods. Important properties of powders analysed by Solids Solutions Delft include particle size distribution, surface structure, cohesion, and flow properties. Particle size distribution is a crucial factor affecting the solubility, miscibility and reaction properties of powders. Surface structure and porosity determine the absorbency and reactivity of powders. Flow properties such as angle of repose, cohesion and loss of fluidity are essential for processing and handling powders in industrial processes. By accurately measuring and analysing these properties, Solids Solutions Delft can provide valuable insights leading to improved product performance and more efficient production methods.

Expertise and reliability

Solids Solutions Delft stands out for its in-depth knowledge and expertise in powder technology and materials characterisation. The company works closely with customers to provide tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs and challenges. By using the latest technologies and methods, Solids Solutions Delft guarantees accurate and reproducible measurement results. This makes them a reliable partner for companies striving for the highest quality and efficiency in their production processes.