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Nooboo’s sustainable clothing men and women

Nooboo produces sustainable clothing for men and women. All of our sustainable clothing men and women are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers and eco-friendly materials. Nooboo’s sustainable clothing has a very luxurious and soft feeling, due the fact of our high-quality bamboo fibers. Our bamboo plants are grown in a healthy environment and in a natural way, which means there are no added pesticides or any kind of fertilizer to these bamboo plants. Furthermore, our sweaters are made from 100% bamboo fibers and made in Portugal. So are Nooboo’s bamboo t-shirts but made by Indonesian experts in Bali (Indonesia). Nevertheless, every single clothing piece are dyed with natural colors from fruits and plants.

Nooboo’s sustainable clothing’s features

Nooboo’s sustainable clothing is very breathable and lightweight. Besides every bamboo clothing piece will last very long, due of the sustainable and durable fabric. Bamboo provides many useful features compared to cotton, spandex or any kind of synthetic fabric. With this you can think of UV and odor protection, which leads to less clothing washes. Additionally, the fabric on Nooboo’s sustainable clothing men and women helps to absorb sweat and it does not leave a strong smell behind. All of these unique features of Nooboo’s sustainable clothing men and women eventually leads to less energy costs and water costs. Nooboo strives to improvement and put the world in a better position. You happy, we happy.

Nooboo’s order and shipping

Our sustainable clothing men and sustainable clothing women could be found on Nooboo.co. We do ship worldwide and free shipping within the Netherlands and Germany. Orders will be shipped on the same day if the purchase is made before 4.00 pm.