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Madden 17 says goodbye and we say goodbye as it deserves

Madden NFL 17 offers several new features that make it extremely different from previous years’ deliveries. It is a version that can enjoy both the passionate and experts to the sport, as novices who have never seen a full game. Here’s our review.

Series already legendary
When it comes to American Football, there is nothing like the Madden series in video games. You could say that it is already a legendary franchise that remains the best-selling in the industry and must maintain its legacy.
Keeping it current has been a very complicated job for EA Sports, who year after year strive to prevent it from falling into repetition for fans to find reasons to return.

From the TV to your console
The presentation of each match pretends to be a television broadcast. The commentators will narrate every play with intelligence and give very correct comments on what happened. It’s not like other sports games where you hear the same comments over and over again. Everything feels fluid and from time to time they will throw some joke or unexpected comments. For example, when returning from a court they will be talking about trivia until they realize that they are already on the air.

Kick off
When starting Madden NFL 17 you will see the main menu where you can choose the different modalities that includes. To the left there will be a video that will guide you through the novelties in this year’s edition (which we will mention below). If you want to start playing a quick game, just go to Quick Play. After choosing the teams, you will have the option of being 3 versions of the game, which are important as it changes the duration of the same considerably:

The game uses the engine of the house called EA Ignite, which in fact seems to be already being noticed the years. It does not have visual improvements to the versions of previous years and even some animations seem to be the same. If you are still play the madden 17 now, maybe you need the madden nfl 17 coins to stronger your site, so that you will have more chance the win the games.